Gascocks and Gas Ball Valves - What They Do and More!

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Gas Valves and Gascocks

Gascocks are valves designed to reduce or completely stop gas flow. They come in three different types of handles:

  • T-handles

  • Teardrop handles

  • Lever handles

Most are used in residential and commercial applications, with natural and manufactured gases. Look for certifications like CSA and UL in order to ensure you have a product that is reliable and safe to use for your application. 

Threaded Brass Gas Ball Valve with T-handle

Threaded Brass Gas Ball Valve with T-handle

Gas Ball Valves

Gas ball valves are similar to regular ball valves, but they are built to withstand the pressure of commercial and industrial gas applications. They include medical gas ball valves, such as the ones we have here. Our gas ball valves are all 100% leak tested and made in Italy.

Threaded Premium Brass Ball Valve


Threaded Premium Brass Ball Valve

Valve Warehouse has plenty of gascocks and gas ball valves in stock, all in different sizes and with different handles. Check them out here and sign up for our mailing list below to stay up to date with all of our news!

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