What To Look For In A Valve

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For the DIY consumer, wholesaler, or even a contractor, finding a dependable product is very important for an “at home” project.  Whether you're replacing a ball valve that burst or simply fixing a leaking packing nut, shopping to fix or replace a valve requires a clear understanding of the type of valve you should be using and where you should be shopping for it.

A few questions to consider when shopping for valves:

  • Is the valve leak tested?
  • What are the specifications on the valve?
  • Is the valve lead free and certified to use in potable water?
  • Does this valve have certifications?
  • Is the valve in stock?
  • Is there someone at the company that can be contacted for questions and support?

Finding  an online company who partners with reputable manufacturers that offer high quality valves, repair kits, and warranty replacements can have an impact on the amount of times you might replace or fix a valve. Along with that, buying from a company that works with top tier manufacturers guarantees credible certifications, including lead free certifications. A company that carries a high inventory and a high level of support for the consumer is going to give you more bang for your buck when purchasing a valve, whether it’s online or at your local home improvement store.

At Valve Warehouse, we work with leading manufacturers in the valve industry and we offer the highest quality valves for a variety of applications.  All of our specifications are easily accessible through every product page on our website, feel free to contact us with any questions! 

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  • I make sure to research most items I buy so I’ll need to follow these tips for finding quality ball valves. I’ll have to look for deals on valves online, like you mentioned. Thanks for the helpful valve tips.

    John Carston on

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