The Butterfly Valve - What It Is and What to Look For When Buying

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Butterfly valves are used for regulating or isolating flow. The operation is similar to a ball valve, but incorporates a disk shaped closing mechanism. The disk is positioned in the center of the pipe and passing through the disk is a rod that connects to an actuator outside of the pipe/valve. Rotating the actuator turns the disk to regulate the flow throughout the pipe.

Valve Warehouse carries both lug and wafer style butterfly valves with a variety of different seat types like EPDM and BUNA-N. The main difference between lug and wafer style butterfly valves is in their mounting and installation process. Lug style butterfly valves have threaded inserts or "lugs" and can be installed into a system using only bolts. Wafer style, the more common of the two, uses both bolts and nuts during installation and, while being easier to install and replace, require shutting down the whole system to replace.

The butterfly valve is a perfect fit if you're looking for something lower in cost and lighter in weight. The valve can be used effectively in fresh water, salt water, lube oil and chill water systems. Butterfly valves come with a variety of different seats, each with their own temperature rating and max psi to match the job required. All of our product pages have detailed spec information, so make sure to check them out or leave a comment here if you need more information. Thanks for reading and sign up for our mailing list below if you want to stay updated!

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