Expansion PEX vs Crimp Pex: Find Out Which to Choose for Your Project!

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The use of PEX piping has become huge in the plumbing industry due to its easy installation, lower costs, and durability. At Valve Warehouse, we carry both crimp and expansion PEX ball valves for PEX piping applications. Here are the differences between the two.

Crimp PEX


A crimp PEX connection sits outside of the piping and a special tool is used to crimp the end connection around the pipe. Crimp PEX has been used for a long time so its use and knowledge is more widespread. Costs for the fittings, tools, and accessories are also much cheaper than the newer expansion PEX connections. Because the port of a crimp PEX valve is smaller than the pipe it will connect to, it will also have a larger pressure drop and lower flow compared to expansion PEX.

Expansion PEX


An expansion PEX connection requires a special tool to expand the PEX piping and fit it around the PEX connection. Expansion PEX is relatively new in the industry so there isn’t as much support or knowledge out there. The costs are higher as well for accessories, fittings, and tools. However, because of the way it connects to the pipe, the flow rate is much higher and there is less of a pressure drop.  

PEX Valves

We carry both crimp and expansion PEX ball valves at Valve Warehouse so you can make the choice that best fits your intended purpose. Also available with a drain!


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