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Gate Valves Blog Post

Gate valves are valves that are generally either fully closed or fully open and utilize a "gate" to start or stop the flow of water. These gates, more commonly known as discs or wedges,  vary depending on the application of the gate valve. The 3 most commonly used types of discs are solid discs, flexible discs. and split discs.

Solid discs are the most popular due to their simplicity and durability. The disc is a single piece (or solid construction) and is commonly used for rough flow. Flexible discs have a cut around the disc to improve its ability to correct errors or change the angle between the seats. A larger cut means more flexibility but less strength. Split discs not only self-adjust, but also self-align to both seats. And unlike the solid disc, the split disc is a two-piece construction and is most commonly used with corrosive liquids and non-condensing gases.

Threaded Lead Free Brass Gate Valve

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New Products

To tie in with our gate valve blog post, we're releasing new low pressure valves. 

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  • Thanks for explaining what a gate valve is. We are hoping to fix up our house and we were told that we need check valves too. Seeing how a gate valve is used to start and stop the flow of water, makes sense why I would need both parts. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me be more knowledgeable about valves.

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