Understanding CSA Certification

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CSA refers to the Canadian Standards Association, which is an independent, not-for-profit member-based association dedicated to advancing safety, sustainability and social good. They are primarily a testing and certification company, although they also develop standards for a wide variety of products, such as industrial clothes dryers, hydrogen fueling stations, and more. 

Types of CSA certifications

CSA can certify ANSI, ASME, and MSS-SP standards. The tests range from measuring temperature and pressure with specific media to determining the mechanical strength and durability of a valve. These tests can certify a products use for natural gas, hot water, potable water, propane, and other media.  A common misconception is that CSA certifications are only for natural gas. This stems from CGA merging with AGA in 1997 to form what we now know as CSA. For more than 45 years, the natural gas industry has accepted CSA as the primary certification to have on a valve that will come into contact with natural gas. CSA tests for certifications for hot water, potable water, propane, and other materials along with natural gas. Learn more about CSA here: 

New Products

We're happy to introduce two new ball valves that carry CSA certifications to the Valve Warehouse product line. The Lead Free Brass FIP x PEX Ball Valve and the Lead Free Brass PEX x PEX Ball Valve with Drain are both lead free PEX ball valves with CSA certifications, specifically ASME A112.1.14. 


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