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Check valves refer to valves that only allow fluid to move in one direction. Fluids passing through the valve opens it up, while reversing this flow leads the valve to close. There are multiple types of check valves that carry out this function in different ways, such as swing, lift, and inline. In this article, we'll be talking about the two types of check valves sold at Valve Warehouse: swing check valves and our newest product: inline check valves.  

Swing Check Valves

At Valve Warehouse, we carry swing check valves in brass, lead free brass, and stainless steel. They consist of a valve body, a bonnet, and a disc that connects to a hinge. As fluid passes through the valve in the forward direction the disc swings out of the flow path. once flow stops, or attempts to move in the opposite direction, the disc swings back into the flow path, preventing backward flow. 

Inline Check Valves

Inline check valves, also known as nozzle or silent check valves, work in the same way a swing check valve would. What sets apart an inline check valve is the fact that it has a spring. Thanks to its spring operation, you can install an inline check valve upside-down and still have it work.


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  • I didn’t know that there were different types of check valves. I like that the inline valves can work even when they are upside down. This would be more convenient than having to get another one that went the way. Thanks for sharing this information!

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